Feather and Fanfare

Every year, right about this time I generally have several knitting projects that I would like to finish before the end of the year and I cycle from one to the other with dreams of completion and productiveness. As usual, almost all the projects are gifts for other people. Right now I have a bulky “Adult Surprise Sweater,” a beret hat and cowl set (my own design,) an afghan, a freeform crochet project, two lace scarves and a couple pairs of socks in the works. It probably sounds unproductive, but I find that I have to go back and forth because, although I dearly love knitting, I get tired of working on one thing for too long and I have to change it up. Hey, stuff gets finished eventually, right? However, one project in particular just lately has stolen my attention away from my other projects.

Feather and Fan. I know many of you have done this pattern before, but I hadn’t until recently. For those of you who have not tried it – you should! For ratio of ease and simplicity to beauty this pattern can not be matched. It is so easy – I can easily watch a TV show or movie and never loose my place or make a mistake. If you can count to 6 you can do this. You have one row of shaping (yarn-overs or k2tog), then a purl row, knit row, another purl row and repeat. Easy.

Here is my project, a wonderful, soft and drapey scarf – I am using the yarn I spun on my Russian Spindle, which is spun from a BFL/Silk blend (handpainted top from the Cottage Dyeworks shop.)





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