Lacing the Louet

Have you heard it said (or maybe you have told yourself) that the Louet spinning wheel is not good for spinning lace weight yarns because of the strong uptake of the Irish Tension?

I have great news! You CAN spin lace weight on your Louet! With a bit of “creative tensioning” called LACING.

I spin lace weight on my Louet and it works like a dream! Depending on what I am spinning, I sometimes lace mine up to 5 times! Lacing helps tremendously. I have heard some folks complain about having to lace on the Louet – but I don’t mind at all and I can get a fine control on the uptake. I can spin cobweb-fine on it. 

Believe me, you can spin as fine as you possibly would ever want to on your Louet. If you run out of room to lace it down towards you just lace it back up away from you.
When you look at your flyer on your Louet, unlike some other types, the Louet has all the hooks on both sides of the flyer facing you (facing up.) Here is what you do: lace your single from side to side, kind of like lacing your shoe. Back and forth. You get more drag incrementally with each “lace,” or with each “point,”  meaning each time you hook your single on another hook. Sometimes you will need to lace only one additional hook. Sometimes you will need to lace two hooks, or points (meaning one, and across to the other hook, then out the orifice). If I am spinning lace weight I usually lace over three hooks (back and forth over the top of the bobbin) then out the orifice.  But if it is really fine lace I use up to 5 points!

Here are examples of how to lace up to 5 points (or hooks) if you are spinning really fine

You might have to get creative – just go with your gut feeling regarding how you lace it back and forth. If you have neared the end of your bobbin just lace it back where you have some room to lace. It really doesn’t matter much as long as you don’t let it strain (like lacing on a weird diagonal or something like that.) Just use your common sense and get creative – it is easy to control the uptake!


I hope that helps – the most basic Louet spinning wheel can be so versatile!


Have fun, and Happy Spinning!

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